What is Partinform?

Partinform is an association of local companies that represent major quality brands in the Southern African automotive component aftermarket.

Why was Partinform established?

The association was established almost thirty years ago as a means of sharing and enhancing trade day impact and costs, but over time it evolved with a definite focus and greater mission. As a deluge of dubious car parts flooded into the local market in the mid-1990's, the association recognised the urgent need to promote the use of high-quality, safety-critical components to combat the impact of dangerous sub-standard parts.

What are Partinform's objectives?

In a nutshell, Partinform's primary objective is to address the need for skills development and training at fitment level, in spares shops and workshops. This is all about teaching the people who sell and fit car parts about the importance of using reputable, guaranteed safety-critical brands. Partinform also campaigns for road safety and social responsibility - protecting consumers by exposing the dangers inherent in fitting sub-standard parts.

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What does Partinform do?

Members of the association join forces to present a comprehensive programme of road shows and educationals across the region. Partinform does not restrict itself to metropolitan areas, but rather makes a point of reaching out into rural areas and emerging local markets. In each area, the local industry and trade representatives are invited to an exciting event that combines education, entertainment, brand exposure and networking opportunities with fun, competition, prizes and good refreshments. The Partinform trade shows are becoming highlights on local motor industry calendars. The Partinform members are on hand at each show to promote the advantages of fitting quality brands and to interact with the buyers and fitters in local businesses. These shows are an opportunity for members to educate and answer questions in a relaxed environment, and to keep abreast with the needs of their customers.

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